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Christian Eriksen set to join Manchester United

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Denmark’s Christian Eriksen has consented to join Manchester United on a free exchange, as per the reports.

Christian Eriksen has imparted to United that he needs to play for the Old Trafford club on a three-year bargain. Eriksen recently addressed Tottenham Hotspur somewhere in the range of 2013 and 2020. The 30-year-old’s momentary agreement at Brentford finished a month ago.

A file image of Christian Eriksen

The Danish midfielder is accounted for to have a verbal concurrence with United and will formally finish his transition to Old Trafford after a clinical.

It has been truly a year for Eriksen. The 30-year-old fell in Denmark’s initial round of the European Championships against Finland in Copenhagen last June.

He must be revived on the pitch, lying oblivious for a few minutes as the shocked group and a great many watchers at home all over the planet watched on with dismay.

Eriksen spent a few days in the clinic and had a pacemaker embedded to manage his pulse.

He ended his agreement with Inter Milan by shared assent in December as the Italian association rules bar players with pacemakers.

He was endorsed by Premier League outfit Brentford in January. He showed up for Brentford, scoring once and giving four helps.

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