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Citizen Tv Journalist who exposed hiring of police guns stranded in US.

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On Tuesday, May 30, Citizen TV’s undercover reporter Purity Mwambia spoke about her situation in the United States after fleeing the country.

Speaking at a conference organized by the US State Department, Mwambia, who accused the police of hiring guns in his Guns Galore report, claimed he was transported to the United States by an organization two years ago after being threatened with death.

However, the agency removed him from the United States, where he was deported. The situation hurt him a lot as he struggled to find another job abroad.

According to Mwambia, the situation has worsened, pushing him to the brink of homelessness.

“I’ve been here for two years, and that’s a story I was able to do with one local business, who come here, some say you get that American dream, but it has its challenges. yourself in a position where there’s no one you can talk to and run away. Personally, I was brought here by the organization, and they let me down!” The teller is owed.

“Believe me, I’m almost homeless because I don’t know what to do. Every day when I walk through the subway and see all these homeless people, it’s one of these stories that as a journalist I wanted to tell, but now I walk like I’m in their shoes, not knowing what will happen around me,” he said.

Despite facing financial problems, Mwambia told the panelists that he felt isolated as his experience and achievements have become almost irrelevant in a foreign country.

He lamented that his 20 years of experience is about to fall apart.

“But I’m still holding on because this is one of the stories you would want to tell after going through this difficult process, and you’ve worked with all the media, but when you get here you’re ready to be treated the way you are, you’re not the same as them.

“You feel 20 years of experience as a journalist has been wasted,” he said with emotion.

While in Kenya, Mwambian revealed that bullies and online bullies targeted him after his talk was aired on Citizen TV. In one case, Mwambia noted that some fake and misleading social media tags were created to claim he was dead.

Lack of networks and job opportunities have plunged some displaced journalists into depression and other mental health issues.

Before fleeing the country, a Citizen TV reporter revealed how Kenyans cooperated with the law enforcement agencies to violate the protocols of the virus epidemic. He revealed that the police are asking for bribes to allow Kenyans to travel while the country is under surveillance.

Furthermore, former Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti called him to his Guns Galore meeting.

In order to solve some of the challenges, Mwambia asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create an online platform, provide financial support, and give them the opportunity to move forward and tell their stories while in exile.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs can help us journalists who are in exile, maybe we can work with our colleagues, because when you land here for the first time, you don’t know where to go,” Mwambia said.

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