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Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu speaks on undergoing sh900,000 weight loss surgery

Citizen TV moderator Willis Raburu has drilled down into why he got gastric detour a medical procedure to assist him with shedding weight.

Raburu said that he chose to go for the medical procedure after many endeavors of attempting to work with numerous wellness coaches.

He made sense of that his body framed an example of shedding weight and restoring it thus he needed to search for a more long-lasting arrangement.

At that point, in May 2022, the 10 Over 10 host was confronting wellbeing gambles with which expected him to look for elective means.

“When I was going for the medical procedure, I was not doing admirably… I was 164kg. My tension was high, my cholesterol was high,” he said.

A file image of Citizen Tv Presenter Willis Raburu
A file image of Citizen Tv Presenter Willis Raburu

Gastric detour is a medical procedure that assists individuals with getting thinner by changing how their stomach and small digestive system handle the food they eat.

As indicated by Raburu, one necessities somewhere in the range of Sh600,000 and Sh900,000 to have the medical procedure done locally.

After the primary month, he had lost around 14kgs and doesn’t lament settling on the choice. The moderator added that he would be uncovering his ongoing load in a forthcoming episode on his YouTube channel.

After the medical procedure, patients should likewise roll out long-lasting improvements to their way of life.

“I used to gobble 6 to 8 chapatis or up to 8 bits of broiled chicken at a go however presently I don’t figure I can do one and a half chapatis,” he said.

Raburu is among a developing rundown of VIPs who have picked a medical procedure as an answer for assist in their weight reduction with traveling.

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