Baby Mama of Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui accuses him of being a freemanson.

The baby had a fever the day before and despite the mother’s insistence on taking her to hospital, Kinyanjui refused.

The young mother of the town’s lawyer, Harrison Kinyanjui, has taken the court to try to exhume the remains of their deceased daughter, saying there had been a foul play in her death.


In a petition filed with the commercial court, Tabbyrose Wamwitha accused Kinyanjui of being a Freemason.

“The plaintiff here believes that Harrison Kinyanjui practices and participates in the evil religious practices known as Freemasonry,” court documents read.

Through attorney Danstan Omari, the woman alleges that their daughter died suddenly in October 2017 at MP Shah Hospital around 6.30am after being rushed to the hospital around 4am.

“The circumstances surrounding the death of the deceased would not be known, but the Wamwitha family has good reason to believe that there was a criminal act in the infant’s death,” says Omari.

The child had Down syndrome and heart attack before his death and claims the father never supported the child’s condition.

According to court documents, the child had a fever the day before and despite the mother’s insistence on taking him to hospital, Kinyanjui refused.

“The petitioner forcibly took the child to the hospital and the next morning at 4:00 am and at 6:30 am the child was pronounced dead,” he said.

After the baby’s death, she says she suggested the baby be buried in Langata cemetery or on her land in Maai Mahiu after a post-mortem examination.

However, he claims that without his knowledge, Kinyanjui transformed the burial site into Gatundu.

In response to the request, Kinyanjui objected to the exhumation of his dead daughter, as the mother had requested.

Kinyanjui’s best friend, lawyer Geoffrey Makome, has taken an affidavit confirming his behavior, claiming he is a good father.

Makome says it is not true that Kinyanjui never cared for a dead child as the woman claimed.

“I know she said Tabbyrose Wamwitha as a ugly, bright and fierce and unwise woman, the show would have been a disaster for Kinyanjui’s office and farm if such a funeral had been held in secret,” Makome said.

Wamwitha’s older sister Anne Wangeci also supported Kinyanjui by telling the court not to allow the burial of her late nephew.

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