CJ Koome tough questions to IEBC lawyers

High court President CJ Koome showed her insight and involvement with the nation’s top court after she suggested three extreme conversation starters to IEBC’s legal counselors minutes after they were through with introducing Affidavits by Mr Chebukati.

First she scrutinized IEBC’s backer Mahat why the seat of the constituent body Wafula Chebukati didn’t even try to clarify for Kenyans what precisely occurred among him and his bad habit seat Juliana Cherera that prompted their inauspicious split.

Furthermore, she asked IEBC’s lawful agents for what good reason Mr Chebukati halted the live gushing of the official outcomes hours after it had proactively started.

A file image of CJ Koome
A file image of CJ Koome

In conclusion she requested that the legal advisors clear up for the court how the structure 34As on Chebukat’s Affidavit were supposedly photograph shopped.

Through her series of inquiries, Martha Koome has shown that she knows about her jobs and will give a fair decision that will be great for every one of the respondents and solicitor of the August 2022 official surveys.

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