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Class 4 girl attempts to poison her father after he queried her about her relationship with a form four student.

The 14-year-old girl is said to have tried her father using porridge she had cooked on Sunday after he questioned her affair with a form four student.

photo credits to google images.

“Her father queried her about the affair on Saturday but she was not happy about it. On Sunday morning when others left for church , she was left at home with the father. She prepared porridge , put in poison and served him,” said area chief Alexander Nyakenywa.

Police at Kegati in Kisii county are already holding the class four girl together with her boyfriend, over attempted murder.

The chief said that she had allegedly put Diazinon , a pesticide used on vegetables, in the porridge but her father noticed the bad smell before he could take it.

When she was drilled, she admitted that she wanted to kill her father for interfering in her relationship with the boy. She said she loves her boy and did not want to leave him.

The 17-year-old boyfriend said that that they had started their relationship when they were sent home due to Covid-19.

According to him, their relationship has grown and cannot be stopped.

The two will be charged with attempted murder.

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