Climate Change: Threats facing Canada, Uk and Germany.

More frequent extreme weather events as a result of climate change are expected in the whole worldwide. This article focuses on three countries Germany, UK and Canada.

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Canada’s intelligence service warns that climate change poses a serious and ongoing threat to national security and prosperity, including the potential loss of parts of British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces to rising sea levels.

A recent analysis by Canada’s National Security Intelligence Service also predicts an increase in radicalism from those who want to accelerate solutions to climate change and those who are more interested in preserving their way of life.

The summary was prepared in April 2021, but was recently leaked to The Canadian Press in response to a freedom of information request filed in October of that year.

CSIS outlines several issues posed by global warming, from imminent threats to Arctic security, coastlines and borders to greater pressures on food and water supplies.

The intelligence service says its preliminary findings indicate that climate change “poses a complex, long-term threat to the safety, security and well-being of Canada.”

“There will never be a single moment when this threat will manifest itself and manifest itself, as it is already underway and will grow slowly over the coming decades.”


The researchers found that annual flood damage could increase by more than a fifth over the next century.

Unless international commitments to reduce carbon emissions are not met.

Climate change is expected to have a particular impact on “hot spots” where homes and businesses are at risk.

Even if climate change pledges are met – keeping temperatures to around 1.8C – areas such as the South East of England, the North West of England and South Wales are expected to experience significant increases in flooding.

Details from the new “flood risk map” also show areas that will not be significantly affected. According to the researchers, this level of detail is important for planning decisions.

To create these flood risk maps, a team of researchers from the University of Bristol and Fathom – a company that assesses flood risk and climate – simulated all types of flooding over the coming decades.

They used information on terrain, river flow, rainfall and sea level to paint a detailed picture of the extent of flood damage to homes and businesses in England, Scotland and Wales.

They combined this with Met Office weather forecasts for the next century.


Frequent extreme weather events due to climate change could cost Germany nearly a trillion euros by 2050, according to a government-authorized study published on Monday.

The consequences of global warming, such as severe flooding or heat, could cost Europe’s largest economy up to 910 billion euros ($979 billion) in “strong” homeless conditions, according to the report.

The number was a “lower limit” estimate, the Ministry of Economy said, as the analytical model could not account for all the possible effects of climate change.

Additional deaths, reduced quality of life and extinction of animal and plant species were not included “despite their great importance”, the ministry said.

So the total costs were likely to be “higher” than those shown in the examples.

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