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Comedian Njugush claps back at Andrew Kibe

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Kenyan comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush has responded to Andrew Kibe after attacking him on social media.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, Njugush said that Kibe has a tendency to despise other people, but his life is not even right.

The humorous man admitted that he had made great strides in his life compared to Kibe and thus had no reason to hate him – not even in the parentheses.

“When you see your father fighting with the children … when I look at him I see that the man is lost. Nothing is good for him and he always says he wants to get people back in line. The question is, is he okay.

“You see, these little kids are doing their thing… he tried the radio, it didn’t work. “

The comedian went on to say that Kibe should work on correcting his mistakes before pointing fingers at other people.

“He has more mistakes to correct than the mistakes of others and when I am today I have found more than Kibe will ever achieve, and I am not proud.

“The reason I say that is because we often despise people who do something very good, for example on the internet I see him attacking people like Mungai Eve and I really feel these kids are doing something weird they are making their own. media He was at Kiss 100 he left he started his online radio and it fell apart So if anyone has a platform on YouTube and it works for him why do you hate them. And now he is an old man trying to build himself up using children, ”Njugush. he added.

He also wondered why Kibe always liked to attack people moving forward, trying to bring them down.

“We all have our flaws, but I’m glad we made our mistakes when we were young,” Kimani said.

Timothy Kimani’s response comes just days after Kibe named him an easy man following his video circulating online with his wife Celestine Ndida at the Nyashinki festival.

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