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Communication Authority to switch off fake phones and stolen devices.

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The Kenya Communications Regulatory Authority (CA) is committed to cracking down on counterfeit mobile phones.

In a statement, the Authority said it would create a database for all mobile devices in the country, which separates legal and illegal devices, depriving them of services by mobile network operators (MNOs).

“The system will allow for the registration of mobile devices, IMEI verification, identification of forged, stolen or lost equipment and illegal devices,” read a statement Tuesday from AC.

“The system must work by analyzing the dumping of data received from MNOs and providing an inappropriate list, authorized list and gray list.”

According to CA, the move is aimed at eliminating counterfeit and illegal phones that have entered the market.

Ezra Chiloba

CA went even further by saying that telephone companies will deprive customers of mobile phone services whose IMEI numbers are listed by the regulator because they are forged or purchased through suspicious means such as theft.

International Device Identifier (IMEI) is a unique number for mobile phones and is used in their identifiers.

To deal with counterfeit goods, theft and illegal ICT equipment in Kenya, importers will be required to submit an IMEI number of the devices to be marketed in the future to lock all mobile phones and other ICT equipment. Kenyan market.

“The authorities must establish a system to help curb the spread of counterfeit and illegal ICT equipment as well as curb the theft of ICT equipment,” read a CA directive issued on Tuesday urging Kenyans to submit their views.

Authorities also noted that telephone companies will be required to withhold customer service with forged and illegal devices, but only by first notifying them.

Similarly, CA has stated that mobile operators will be required to install systems in their networks that will enable them to connect to the CA management system which will be integrated with the international IMEI database.

Accordingly, the CA noted that it will be required to withhold customer service using counterfeit and illegal devices, but that it will issue notices before taking action.

“Mobile network operators must register the system and deny access to their communications networks for any IMEI listed under the Authority’s instructions after notifying the user,” CA said.

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