Concerns as only 18 graduate from Livestock Training Institute -Wajir.

Concerns have risen over the 4th graduation at Livestock Training Institute – Wajir as it’s only 18 students who have managed to graduate.

As posted in the social Media pages of the institution , the institute was celebrating it’s 4th graduation yesterday 23rd November, where only 18candidates we awarded their certificates.

Graduates ; image/courtesy

Compared to their 3rd graduation, there is a plus of candidates who graduated. In the institution’s 3rd graduation only 17candidates were awarded their certificates in animal health and range management. The 3rd graduation took place on 24th march 2021.

Livestock Training Institute -Wajir offers diploma and certificate courses in animal health and range management as well as short specialized courses. The minimum entry requirement is KCSE mean grade C- (minus) with a C – (minus) in Biology.

Questions arise on why there’s is such small numbers in being produced in the school? Is it coz of facilities, security or other underlying factors??

What do you think?

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