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Conjestina didn’t burn her house down , It was an accident .

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“A fire broke out accidentally in her home. Her clothes and personal belongings were burnt.” – Carol Radull

Media actress Carol Radull has clarified allegations that boxing legend Conjestina Achieng burned down her house.

Rumors were circulating on social media.

Through her social networks, Radull shared,

“I need to clarify a few things because of the misinformation that surrounds me.

As Conjestina Achieng goes through a challenge after the Council of Heroes promised their work after the renovation last year, but they failed to deliver on their promises.


Conje did not burn down her house last night.

An unfortunate fire broke out in her home.

Her clothes and personal belongings were burned.
She rang the bell and the fire was extinguished by minor damage to her home. She is doing well physically. Her house stands and her medals that she values ​​so much are all right.

She has said; please keep praying for her well-being. And if you have her work; or you want to help her in any way.

Please send a box to her son @Charltone_Otieno on Instagram. Or inbox me on IG (My FB Inbox is very busy and I miss a lot of messages).

Thank goodness goodness is okay. “

Radull added,

“Please read my statement on Conjestina Achieng and stop spreading fake information. Also, she is not on Twitter and this account that provides such information is fake.

And this picture of a house burning down is not his house.

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