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Corazon and Frankie unfollow each other on Instagram.

Corazon Kwamboka,socialite, caused a stir online after publishing a recommendation post on relationships.

Corazon said he felt sad and lonely and wanted to be really happy.

“I feel lonely and sad. I want to get a real smile again, to be really happy,” she wrote.

Corazon, who is expecting her second child with Frankie Kiarie, said she is the kind of person who would turn around if her man cheated on her, but she doesn’t care anymore.


“I was the woman who put the 2nd and 2nd ones together and turned it around. I was so hard for MF not to play me until I realized my worth.

“Now I don’t care what he’s doing behind my back. You’ve lost a good man. I know all the things that I come up with and I have to give up.”

A look at their Instagram pages shows that the two were no longer dating.

The couple announced they were expecting another baby last month by sharing photos of Corazon’s Baby Bump baby, saying they were happy to see their family grow.

She had no plans to get pregnant for Frankie’s second time.

During the question and answer session, fans asked if Corazon was planning a pregnancy and the type of contraception she was using to give space to her two children.

“No, but I was happy to find out,” he said.

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