Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie break up

There seems to be trouble since Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie aka JustGymIt have parted ways.

Today Corazon announced that she has divorced the father of her two children.

In a social media post, she wrote, “I’m single. Life continues.”

In another post, she conveyed a message of divorce using a black rose to symbolize death, sorrow, and grief.

Corazon wrote “I’m single, I choose for myself. Life goes on.”

It comes a month after she insisted that she had everything she wanted from Frankie.

Wishing him a happy 32nd birthday, Corazon said, “You are the most beautiful, kind, patient person I know. Thank you for being my closest friend to my great support system.”

Adding, “When I met you, I knew right away that we would be friends forever. I’m glad you brought us here; now the parents of the sweetest boy and the sweetest girl.”

She continued, “At the age of 32, you can achieve all that your heart desires. Continue to grow in love, faith and goodness. May God fight for you and protect you even in the midst of your fierce battles.”

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