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Country Music artist Luke Bell dies at 32

Rural performer Luke Bell, who disappeared recently, has been viewed as dead, as per official Frank Magos from the Tucson Police Department. He was 32.

Chime, who delivered his most memorable studio collection in 2012, was “tracked down in the 5500 block of E. Award Road in Midtown Tucson,” as per Magos.

“The examination is continuous right now,” Magos said.

A file image of Luke Bell
A file image of Luke Bell

Ringer’s director, Neill Smith, let CNN know when arrived at that he didn’t “have any extra data to give.”

Ringer, a vocalist musician from Cody, Wyoming, was accounted for missing by companions over seven days prior.

During his profession, Bell, known for tunes like “Where Ya Been?” and “In some cases,” opened for behaves like Dwight Yoakam and Hayes Carll.

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