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County official sprayed with bullets outside his home

The group of a province representative, Taufiq Abdallah, has uncovered the last minutes their family imparted to his companions before his death on Sunday, July 10 inside Kuze region old town, Mombasa district.

Addressing the media, Abdulrahman Amana, the casualty’s uncle, hinted that Abdallah and his companions had butchered a goat on early Sunday morning prior to making arrangements to go to the mosque for Eid ul-Adha petitions.

He noticed that three outfitted shooters showed up from no place on a motorbike and started shooting at the 27-year-old, shooting him on numerous occasions. The aggressors are said to have run away from the area, leaving Abdallah laying in a pool of blood.

Amana pondered the rationale in the aggressors to perpetrate such a wrongdoing on his family, whom he recognized, had a brilliant future in front of him.

“Abdallah and his companions had made arrangements to go to the close by mosque for Eid ul-Adha petitions before the episode happened. We don’t have the foggiest idea about the rationale behind the deplorable demonstration,” Amana expressed, noticing that the judgment is left in Allah’s grasp.

The family asked the police to carry the suspects to book and not count out any conceivable lead.

“We conjecture that the suspects could either be evildoers or a piece of an arrangement by influential individuals in the general public. Be that as it may, we are undeniably wronged by the shocking demonstration,” Omar Shariff, an inhabitant of Old Town expressed.

A posthumous completed on Abdallah’s body at the coast general medical clinic uncovered that he was shot in the chest and mid-region on different occasions.

The criminal investigators likewise recovered CCTV film from the region in a bid to recover essential data that could prompt the suspects’ capture.

Abdallah was let go on Sunday, July 10, as indicated by Muslim practices.

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