Couple marry in PPE clothing in India.

A couple in Rtlam, Radhya Pradesh, have been allowed to marry , despite the groom testing positive for coronavirus a few days earlier.

This comes as India having high covid positivity rate than any other country in the last seven days .The official death toll surpass 200000.

People in India have died waiting for beds, as oxygen supplies run low and hospitals crumble under the strain.

India hospitals are using 7,500 metric tones of oxygen a day- equating to 90% of oxygen supply. That’s a massive leap, not just from pre-covid times, when healthcare used just15%of India’s oxygen supply.

Local officials were initially concerned about the event but following discussions the participants agreed to wear full PPE kit.

Love can make one cross borders just to be wit your partner. From Sambazanews all we can wish the new weds is a happy marriage and healing to India.

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