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Couple who have been together since primary share their love journey.

Love is a beautiful thing and when you get someone who truly loves you fight for them.

This certain couple have shared pictures of themselves in Primary school till now they are getting married on the month of August.


By sharing their love story is just a way to emphasize that true love still exist. This is because the current generation has lost the true meaning of love. All do believe is on material staffs and lock their hearts on true love.


According to them it is common in the world of today it is common for young people to love people twice older than them or those at the age of their parents.


Timothy Komen and Jessica Toroitich had challenges trying to stick to their old promises. According to Jessica she had different men hitting on her same to Timothy.


They two have urged anyone who is dating their childhood to never looked down on them. They said what made them glued to each other their old promises to each other.

The two will be making it official on 14th August 2021.


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