Court denies divorce for wife who became pregnant after cheating on husband.

According to the standard digital, a woman tried to end her 30-year marriage but he trial failed as her request was thrown out by the court.

The woman had cheated on her husband and was even pregnant for the other man. However, despite the infidelity her union with her husband stills remains.

The woman is in her early forties while the man is in his 80s and that is why the woman looked for a young energetic man. However, the court ruled that once the child is born, he or she will belong solely to the woman.

The couple wereadvised not to engage in conjugal rights until the woman gives birth.

The two got married under Islamic law.

What’s your though? The judge did justice isn’t? At least the old man won’t be left lonely. After all the woman when she was getting married new their age differences , so why blame the age?

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