Court orders arrest of the owner of Murang’a building that collapsed.

The central security committee has ordered the arrest of those responsible for the collapse of a four-storey building under construction in Murang’a. Two people died in the tragedy.
“We have asked our Murang’a security guards to prosecute the owner of the building, its contractor, the local engineer, the law enforcement officers, including government officials from the region. National Construction. NCA), “Regional Commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga said on Saturday.

The building, owned by Sunstar Hotel in Gatanga sub-county, collapsed at 2pm and rescue operations began three hours later. Mr Nyagwanga said the tragedy affected 101 people – 58 builders and 43 who worked at the hotel. “The official version now is that the phone found that eight workers were inside the rubble: four plumbers, three masons and a handgun.

“But on Saturday morning, the number of missing people was rectified to three. We picked up two bodies from the rubble and now we are looking for one … We are dealing with anonymity and the outcome could change slightly,” he said.

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