Court take Action after viral video of Anne Kananu.

Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu has obtained a court order banning her predecessor, Mike Sonko, from posting videos, comments, text or any other documents that implicate her in the offense.

Kananu went to court after the ousted governor released a series of video and audio tapes accusing him of collaborating with other people to undermine his political career and possibly fire him.

The Chief Justice of the Mountain Court, Judge H.K. Nyaga, while issuing the order, confirmed that the case was urgent and ordered the parties to be dealt with immediately.

“Defendants themselves are detained on a temporary injunction to write, print, broadcast, distribute, broadcast or cause to be posted, published, published, publicized, broadcast in any way be it audio and / or video recording, defamatory and / or derogatory statements and statements. in any case to the complainant, ”Judge Nyaga ordered.

The court warned that disobeying or disobeying the order would result in a penalty for the governor.

“And moreover, if this order be disregarded; a request will be made, naming you and any other disobedient person in contempt of court and requesting your detention and other sanctions for you and that person and any possible remedies available. “

Aside from Kananu, the governor posted several videos involving various people, including Judge Said Chitembwe and his former lawyer Cecil Miller.

The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) has summoned Sonko to testify against a Supreme Court judge.

“JSC’s attention has been drawn to several video clips, advertisements on social media, mobile phone recordings that you have published where the conduct of Mr. Justice Said Juma Chitembwe as a judge has been questioned.

“This bus is intended to inform you, in accordance with the provisions of Article 252 (3) (b) of the Constitution and section 42 section VIII of the Judicial Service Act n ° 1 of 2011, that the JSC will require you personally. the presence of evidence as a witness in the said case which will be heard on Tuesday, December 14, ”reads part of the letter.

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