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Ministry allows private sector to import Covid vaccines.

The private sector has finally received a green light to order a vaccine against coronavirus.

Kenya Private Sector Board (KEPSA) Chairperson Florah Mutai announced yesterday that she had been approved to order one million doses through a government agency to conduct co-operation trials in the distribution of vaccines.

“We are committed to sending one million vaccines to the private sector where the government will buy them on our behalf. This is just the beginning and we are ready to implement,” Mutai said.

He further announced that the business community will help take the vaccine as the war against Covid-19 escalates.

“We are committed to working hand in hand to spread the vaccine to achieve common immunity. The sooner we get immunized, the sooner we can go back to business and open up the economy,” Mutai added.

Earlier, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe had announced that no private institution would be involved in purchasing Covid-19 vaccines.

The March ban banned the import, distribution and management of Covid-19 vaccines by private companies for what health officials have called the risk of counterfeit vaccines on the market.

The government had insisted that the private sector would only be allowed to join the immunization program in July after setting up a transparent and accountable system to ensure public health safety and protect Kenyans against exploitation.

“There have been few economic activities and approval to buy the vaccine is a major catalyst for traders. This decision will help regulate compliance with health regulations to prevent the extinction of trade. The economy,” the president said.

The announcement came during a press conference on their commitment to secure commercial operating protocols to reduce the spread of viruses that would need to be eradicated.

According to Samuel Matonda, executive director of the Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), the immunization exercise will help revive the economy.

“In order to be healthy, we needed to work together to buy vaccines. The first group will be a pilot project before increasing the volume on the advice of the Ministry of Health, “said Matonda.

The CEO said the private sector will be allowed to participate in the entire vaccination chain, from procurement to administration.

Cabinet Secretary for Industry, Trade and Development Betty Maina said measures taken by the government last year to support trade are still working, such as the purchase of preferential equipment.

“The only thing that has changed is the cancellation of the tax holiday announced earlier this year,” said CS.

SC added that the commitment of the business community to deal with the virus will reduce the likelihood of a power outage.

The more diverse discoveries and the slower the process of vaccination led to the Fourth Wave.

“Covid-19 will stay with us for the foreseeable future. Our move to reduce the spread within the business environment is even more important and depends on compliance with the protocol. , “CS said.

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