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Cracks widen in Kenya Kwanza as Kiunjuri opt for solo campaign

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Cracks continue to widen within Kenya First coalition after Service Party (TSP) leader Mwangi Kiunjuri announced his party would run its own campaign.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, May 24, Kiunjuri claimed there was a clear bias from coalition parties, saying “small parties” in the Mount Kenya region have been overlooked.

Kiunjuri accused the coalition of allegedly separating his party during the campaign, further claiming that the coalition was not loyal to supporting the TSP which officially joined the faction on April 12.

“Common sense dictates that when you are in a union, you must work as a team. You cannot pretend you are in a union during the day and at night,” he said.

The former secretary general of the Agriculture Cabinet said the battle for supremacy and the allocation of constituencies between affiliated parties threatened to run for Vice President William Ruto.

“Emerging conflicts, brotherly competition, territorial protection and caution are in order as they can lead to unintended consequences for our presidential candidate if not handled properly,” he added.

However, he made it clear that he would continue with the election campaign for the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leader.

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