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CS Magoha; Some schools are planning to hire University students to sit for KCSE for some students.

Today marks the rehearsal day for KCSE exams. The invigilators and supervisors with the help of the principals will ensure that the students are taken through exam regulation to avoid cheating.

During such exams, the school have adopted some dubious means of ensuring they pass their exams. Some schools use teachers who are locked somewhere in the school compound. They wait for questions after collaboration with supervisors. They quickly do them and the answers are taken to the students in the exam room. Education CS has warned the schools that are planning to retain some BOM teachers in school during exam period.

Also , there are schools that allow University students to impersonate the actual candidates and sit the exams for them. Professor Magoha has given a stern warning against such schools that are planning to use the university students to do exams for others. Such schools risk their exam results getting cancelled.

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