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Cuba developing cheap and easy-to store Covid serums.

Cuban officials say they’re developing cheap and easy-to store serums.

Five vaccine candidates are in development, two in late-stage trials with the goal of a broader rollout by May. Should they prove successful, the vaccines would be against the odds feat of medical prowess.

The serums are able to last at a room temperature for weeks, and in long term storage as high as 46.4 degrees, potentially making them a viable option for low income, tropical countries that have been pushed aside by bigger , wealthier nations in the international scrum for coronavirus vaccines.

Iran has agreed to host a phase 3 trial of one of the Cuba’s most promising candidates as part of technology transfer agreement that could see millions doses manufactured in IRAN.

“We have great confidence in Cuban medical science and biotechnology,” Venezuelan foreign minister told The Washington media. ” It will not only be fundamental for Venezuela , but for Americans. It will be the true solution for our people.”

If phase 3 trials are positive, Cuban authorities said , they would move to a vast ” intervention study” that would include all the residents of Havana, or 1.7 million people by May. By August, they would aim to reach 60 percent of the national population , with the rest getting doses by year’s end

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