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Current state in Laikipia :8 killed in a month.

Eight people, along with three police officers, were killed in a month-long insecurity in Laikipia West.

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya said four civilians and two officers were treating the wounds.

“Eight people, including security guards, were killed and that was before the security operation … we have put adequate security in the area where the residents live),” Natembeya said today.

During a press conference, the commissioner expressed his concern over the distribution of weapons to morans and suspected terrorists and the extreme “Morani culture” in the region, saying they had been empowered.

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Former Laikipia MP Nord Mathew Lempurkel has been arrested

He also found that constant fighting was now planned, and no longer on cattle rustling but on land disputes.

“Laikipia robbers do not have the latest weapons that our police officers have. We will make sure we gather the necessary evidence to take them to court, ”he said.

The national government has declared the Laikipia Nord and Laikipia Ouest areas as problem areas, even as a multi-agency operation is launched to boost security in the area.

He said the police would be more assertive and ensure the law was restored in Laikipia, Samburu and Isiolo counties and surrounding areas.

Natembeya also warned political leaders to avoid intrusion and encourage residents, saying that was not the right time.


“People deserve to die and be injured there because of our story. If they increase, we will name them. “We are losing our lives every day because of our leaders. If they do not stop, we will name them and we will embarrass them),” the police commissioner said.

On Tuesday, a shop at Merigwiti Primary School in Laikipia County was set on fire when gunfire erupted between national police officers and robbers. No one was injured in the attack.

He admitted that residents of Laikipia Nature Conservancy were using profits and stealing livestock.

Interior Secretary Fred Matiang’i on Monday, September 6, issued a curfew (6am to 6am) in the affected areas and ordered anyone who illegally relocated their livestock to the conflict zone, including and politicians, remove it within the next 48 hours.

Tensions are running high in Miteta, Mirando, Wangwaci and Ol Moran regions, with residents fleeing the area to Sipili and Ol Moran shopping centers.

Insecurity has led to unlimited school closures.

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