Daddy Owen ‘flirting’ comment to Brenda Wairimu post wins him a coffee date.

Gospel singer Daddy Owen left fans in a daze after a “trouble-free” comment on one of Brenda Wairimu’s Instagram posts this weekend.

The comments according to the divorcee were made out of context, with fans claiming he was shooting Juliani’s baby.

“Are you connected to fashion? Because you are the same,” reads Owen’s comment.

Daddy Owen and Brenda Wairimu

He would then go on Instagram to deny the allegations in a readable statement;

Aki bloggers weh hamtaki nimalize mwaka kwa amani? Compliment mmesema imekua “Daddy Owen shooting his shot” kwani mtumishi hafai kucompliment mtu on a Sunday?? Lazima munianike nikama leso kwa kamba yawa Awuoro… “

However, the comment appealed to Brenda who responded to the invitation to meet with coffee, but instead asked her to choose a location for their “tea” date.

“Juu ya hii story wacha ata nikupeleke kahawa,” Brenda stated.

“Wewe chagua tu place ya kahawa mimi I will invite all the bloggers as we serve them TEA!!🤣🤣🤣 sawa Bey?” Daddy Owen quipped.

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