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Daughter to Jacob Zuma, defends her father against Naomi Campbell.


Jabu Zuma, the daughter of former South African President Jacob Zuma, hit a song with the famous British model Naomi Campbell. Speaking to social media, Jabu claimed that Naomi was not at all qualified to make suggestions on what her father should or should not do.

Jabu also mentioned that the 51-year-old actor knew nothing about South Africa’s struggle and his father’s contribution to improving South Africa.

“What you remember SA is not and never was a real SA image. If you had looked at President Zuma for the past few years, as you claim, you would have known that everything he asked for was a fair trial. He was more willing to go to court and prove his innocence,” Jabu said.

In addition, Jabu went on to teach Naomi by saying that her father had never had a problem with her innocence.

“President Zuma has never had a problem before the commission, he has done it before. His case has to come before the Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. Civil unrest is far greater than the arrest of President Zuma. “South Africans are hungry, poor, unemployed and tired of living in a country where the government is marginalizing them,” he said.

According to Jabu, Naomi is not at all qualified to share her views on what her father should or should not do.

“You are not eligible and you must be deceived into thinking that one day you can (make suggestions on what Zuma should do),” she concluded.

It all started when Naomi Campbell took to Instagram to write a long open letter to a troubled former head of state. In his letter to Naomi, he hinted that President Zuma had done everything in his power to avoid going to court.

“I have seen how in the last few years you have pleaded not guilty to the charges against you – of corruption and public arrests by the government. in part.

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