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Day 404 of Russian-Ukraine war: Latest Updates

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Ukraine-Russia war latest updates:

  • Ukraine said Russian troops were “too far” from capturing the eastern town of Bakhmut and fighting was continuing around the town’s administrative building where Wagner’s mercenary group claims it raised a Russian flag. “Bakhmut is Ukrainian, and they haven’t captured anything and they’re too far to do it at all,” said Serhiy Cherevatiy, a spokesman for the Eastern Military Command.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy had once said that fighting in Bakhmut, a heavily contested town in Ukraine’s Donbass region, was “very hot”. His comments came as Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin said his troops had raised the Russian flag over the city’s administration building. However, there was no indication from Ukrainian officials that Bakhmut had fallen into Russian hands, and Prigozhin had given advance notice of Wagner’s military advances in the city.
  • Russian police on Sunday arrested a woman suspected of setting off the bomb that killed a popular Russian military blogger in an explosion at a cafe in central St Petersburg. Russian authorities say Vladlen Tatarsky, real name Maxim Fomin, was killed in a bomb blast while holding talks with other pro-war analysts at a restaurant on the banks of the Neva, in the historic center of St.
  • Russian police said they identified a woman named Darya Trepova as a suspect, adding that she was arrested at an apartment in St Petersburg after a search on Monday morning. Sources in the country’s interior ministry told the RBK news agency that the attack was “carefully planned in advance by several people”.
  • Russia’s nuclear arsenal will be moved closer to Belarus’ borders with its NATO neighbors, Russia’s ambassador to Belarus says, amid tensions between Russia and the West over Moscow’s war in Ukraine.
  • Suspilne, the Ukrainian state television station, reports that in the past 24 hours “the Russian army carried out 29 attacks in 12 densely populated areas in the Donetsk region.” It adds “46 residential buildings, a kindergarten, an administrative building, factory workshops, electric cables, gas pipelines and vehicles were damaged and destroyed.”
  • Russian state news agency Tass reports an explosion in occupied Melitopol. He reports that the city administration said a car exploded in the center of the city and one person was injured. The telegraph center of the Russian-appointed authority in the city named the injured person as Maxim Zubarev, head of the Yakymivka housing authority in the region.
  • German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck has arrived in Ukraine for a surprise visit, the German Ministry of Energy and Economy announced, in his first trip to the country since the outbreak of war.
  • The Polish president said he expected Zelenskiy to surrender on April 5. This visit will coincide with the upcoming meeting of NATO foreign ministers, which is being held in Brussels and where the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is expected to participate.
  • Russian security forces are confiscating the passports of senior officials and heads of state-owned companies because of concerns about possible leaks and rebellion, reports the Financial Times.
  • Russia plans to create a division of special-purpose submarines that will carry Poseidon nuclear-capable torpedoes as part of the country’s Pacific Fleet by the end of 2024 or the first half of 2025, the report reported. Russian news agency Tass.
  • Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, called on Russia to release detained US journalist Evan Gershkovich in a rare phone call with his Moscow counterpart. The American’s appeal was dismissed by Sergey Lavrov, who responded by saying US officials and the media should not “make a fuss” or try to politicize the fate of the Wall Street Journal reporter.
  • More than three dozen editors from news organizations around the world signed a letter condemning Gershkovich’s detention. “Russia is sending a message that journalism within your borders is illegal and that foreign journalists who want to report from Russia are denied the benefit of the rule of law,” the letter said.
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