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DCI reveals new details on the brutal murder of Betty Barasa.

Betty Barasa was an editor with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation[KBC] may have been murdered by assassins hire by a sponsor’s wife.

Barasa made headlines news when she was shot and killed inside the bedroom of her family home at Oloolua in Ngong on April 14th 2021 as the husband and children cowered in the living room at a gunpoint.

According to the police sources, the killers are believed to have been hired by a Nairobi-based businessman’s wife who also lives in Ngong.

The director of criminal investigation [DCI] have managed to identify one of the hired gunman but they are yet to make an arrest.

The police are also saying that they don’t want to arrest suspects and not recover the murder weapon. One of the investigators added that, they are now closing in on a member of the gang to recover the AK-47 assault riffle that was used in the murder.

The police have also managed to trace and place the suspect at the crime scene through the tracking of his mobile phone and tressed calls made by the sponsor’s wife to the hired assassins.

The DCI detectives have also revealed that the sponsor was not only giving the journalist cash but also helped to finance the construction of the plush family home in Ngong.

Police are also following claims that the same man could have helped Betty secure a huge tender in a state corporation in addition they have questioned the GSU officer who accompanied Betty to the house on the fateful night.

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