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DCI unveils video of killed Mirema man executing multimillion robbery.

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Detectives have distributed videos and photos of a businessman killed in Mirema who is accused of robbing people at an ATM.

In an attempt to put together the death of Samuel Mugoh Muvota, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) released the CCTV tape and linked the father of seven children to various crimes in the city.

Detectives said Muvota recruited attractive, expensive-looking women and appointed them as agents for muscle relaxants in various state-of-the-art entertainment venues inside and outside the city.

Investigators said Muvota included more than 50 beautiful women in his group accusing him of divorcing and causing many men to be hospitalized and others to die from drug use.

In a statement, DCI noted in recent days that Muvota has been targeting clients seeking entertainment at top venues, including high-ranking officials, businessmen, politicians and dressmakers. Investigators found that in his career, a murdered businessman appeared to be making more enemies.

The voter was also shocked to marry seven women who did not know him and who did not know what he was doing for a living.

DCI said Muvota had been arrested more than 30 times in the last 11 years on fraud charges and had been entering and leaving almost every court in Nairobi and neighboring Kiambu counties.

Detectives said the victim was well-known to cybersecurity experts in the banking sector who often fraudulently entered through various ATMs, analyzing the accounts.

“In 2018, at a Kayole ATM, he transferred Ksh 700,000 in one transaction from the account of a woman who was assisting him through Pesalink to his fraudulent account, leaving only Ksh 700 left,” DCI said.

“The woman had gone to the ATM to check if the loan she had requested from the bank had been deposited in her account when she met Muvota. When she heard what had happened, she collapsed and died.”

Investigators believe he worked with fraudulent bank officials who helped him clean up his account for a few minutes. He preferred some ATMs.

DCI also said that Muvota had links to several police stations and that whenever detectives launched a search for him, he would be notified in time.

“Muvota started his business in 2011 by roaming around ATMs around the city and volunteering to help customers who were having trouble withdrawing money from their accounts. help, ”the detectives said.

“He would insert a customer’s card and then pretend to look outside and ask the customer to enter a password and confirm the balance first before giving the amount he wants. However, since the machines first issue an ATM card, he would put the card inside. his hand while an unsuspecting customer waiting for the money.

“At this time Muvota would exchange cards with another and hand over fake cards to a lucky customer, woe to the person with the account with a large balance as Muvota would go to various ATMs to withdraw money until the accounts were cleared. high, ”DCI added.

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