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Desperate search of children after eruption in Congo.

The lava that flowed from Mount Nyiragongo on Saturday caused destruction on Northern district of Goma, Eastern Democratic of Congo.

Around 500 houses were flattened and over 100 children were separated from their children.


Charles Kambale one of the parents claim not be seeing two of their youngest kids. The father and mother had gone for a wedding and left with the kids with the neighbor when the eruption happened.

Children were also picking rubble nearby and other burned metals for sell.

Over 35,000 people were able to flee to Rwanda border when the eruption occurred. Some children who fled and were separated from their parents are staying at center run by the Red Cross in Goma.

Red cross workers and government officials are trying their best to reunite the families.

Desperate mothers have been searching from center to center, to see if they have ben found.

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