Detailed: What transpired that led to death of KEBS regional manager and his 2 daughters.

Earlier on Sunday, KEBS North East Regional Director Ahmed Antar and his twin daughters left their Garissa home for Mombasa.

Antar was driving his twins for an interview at Sheikh Khalifa Secondary School in Mombasa.

They had earned more than 400 marks in KCPE 2021 and were hoping to secure a place at Sheikh Khalifa School, which boasts of academic excellence and a solid Islamic foundation.

Yet unbeknownst to them, their dreams would have been extinguished in a traffic accident in the Hola area on the Mombasa-Garissa highway.

The three went to see Sheikh Khalifa and the twins did an interview.

But on the way back, Dertu divisional head Mohamed Buul, who is also a close friend of the family, told that Antar’s car hit a truck and killed everyone inside.

“In total, there were five people in the car because Antar [the deceased] provided an elevator for two other people,” Buul said.

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