Details of the letter to Karen Nyamu from Ndungu Nyoro, Youth president .

Karen Nyamu is a Kenyan lawyer and is well known after she exposed that she had an intimate relationship with the Mugithii singer Samidoh.

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Ndungu Nyoro has written a public letter to Karen. In his letter,” I am writing you as a Kenyan who admires and believes in you. As a person who can impact our generation. You have everything to your advantage beauty ,age, education and notes in your pocket.

You’re highly favored and blessed. You have no idea , how some of us are wishing for just one from above. You are lucky to have them all. I wish you could utilize them, to discover your purpose in life. There must be a reason, you were gifted them all.

I remember sometimes back, when you requested me to join your campaign team. You were seeking a position in Nairobi county. Unfortunately I could not for various reasons. But I believe you have potential.

Madam Karen, you have in the past made choices like each one of us. Some have been good while others have evoked pain and bitter memories. Yet some have left you with daily reminders.

You are blessed with two beautiful babies. Whether it was as a result of bad decisions or good they are still gifts from God. Be happy you have them. Like I mentioned, some of us are praying to have even one.

The very gift you have may desire to be happy like you are, now and in future. I hope your everyday choices, decisions and actions will be geared towards maintaining their joy, respect and honour. Do it for you but most importantly for them.

I know God is gracious and he grants wisdom. Seek him and you will get more than sufficient.

Forget your past, forget your hurting. Seek peace and let go of your pains. While you do so, God will open other opportunities and hopefully new relationships. Don’t hurt your very own flesh and blood in the name of seeking revenge.

Finally, protect your brand. Like I said, you have a future and a bright one for that matter. You have favor with men and God. Guard it jealously, and take time before making decisions. Some can be exciting now but painful tomorrow. Think dear friend. Think “

I feel like this is best advice you will ever get from a friend. What’s your thought on the letter? or something to add on the letter? Drop it at the comment section that is at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

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