Detective Jane Mugo pleads with Kenyans to help her settle her increasing six-figure medical bill.

Self-proclaimed Queen of Spies Jane Mugoh has contacted Kenyans, asking for financial help to settle a six-figure medical bill.

Jane Mugo took to social media and wrote an saddening article, highlighting how she had been attacked in the past and found herself badly injured.

She noted that she was on her way to Nairobi from the West when she was attacked at Burnt Forest.

jane mugo;image/courtesy

She ended up with broken arms and several head injuries.

Jane revealed that she had regained consciousness but had not yet left the hospital.

What worries her and her family is a raised medical bill, noting that the bill is already in the millions.

Its medical coverage also cannot increase the total volume. She has since asked Kenyans to donate the same and help pay the bills

“My family has raised money to pay the hospital bill which has already reached 6 figures so far.

“I humbly request your help for my medical fundraising campaign, as my card can only pay part of the bills,” he said.

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