Diamond and Zuchu wearing same Pajamas

Internet users having fun connecting Bongo Diamond Platnumz star with his hitmaker Zuchu.

The two were allegedly dating, but Zuchu emerged and denied allegations and that Diamond was her boss.

Zuchu said, “Diamond is my boss. He is not my boyfriend. He is the boss who has never changed. I did not deceive you. He is my boss.”

Despite Zuchu pleading that she is not dating Diamond but dating someone else, no one seems to hear her.

However, last night Zuchu had an interview with Wasafi TV in his room at their Lavi Davi section.

In the show, Zuchu wore black pajamas with red love hearts and white polka dots. The dress is also printed with “love” all over.

Unfortunately, a few days before the interview, Diamond also posted a short clip of himself in his home wearing his own style while showing off his nightclubs.

Did they buy a pair – for her and him – or was it the same outfit they shared? Fans raise their eyes to this.

Diamond introduced Zuchu to his fan as the first female soloist on the WCB label.

After receiving a lot of criticism and entertaining the fans, Diamond thanked the fans by saying, “It is more than love and it shows that women can do it if they are empowered … in the name of Zuchu, I would like to thank them all for their greatness. love and support. ”

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