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Diamond congratulates Ruto despite performing for Raila

Bongo flava megastar Diamond Platnumz has complimented President-elect William Ruto on his come out on top in the competition to State House.

This comes days after he performed at the Azimio La Umoja alliance’s last convention at Kasarani, Nairobi.

In a new Instagram post, the vocalist shared a celebratory message where he praised the duly elected president while commending Kenyans for driving a serene political race.

A file image of Diamond Platnumz
A file image of Diamond Platnumz

“Pongezi sana wana Kenya kwa kuhitimisha zoezi la uchaguzi na kumpata Rais leo.

Sasa hivi tena si Team Ruto, Wajackoyah ama Team Odinga, ni pamoja KENYA ili kwa pamoja kuendeleza maendeleo ya Kenya na wana Kenya kwa Ujumla.

(Congrats Kenyans for taking part in the political race to choose the new president today.]

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This moment, it is about group Ruto, Wajackoyah, or Raila Odinga. It is about fellowship to advance the improvement of Kenya and the whole residents),” read the vocalist’s explanation.

Ruto was announced the victor of the August 9 official political decision with 7,176,141 votes, which is 50.49 percent of the absolute votes cast.

The legislator barely beat Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya alliance pioneer and previous Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who gathered 48.5 percent
of the votes cast.

Jewel’s post has left his fans in bewildered, as the ‘Waah’ hitmaker had quite recently performed at ODM party pioneer Raila Odinga’s last convention.

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