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“Diamond lives a lie,” Former Diamond manager reveals.

Well, Ostaz Juma Na Musoma, who runs the Bongo Diamond star at one time, claims he is living a lie.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Oral and Voice newspaper, Ostaz said: “They (artists) should stop it. They copy a lot of things, yes, I know I was part of the process in the past too, but that should stop. “

He described how they had imitated the luxurious life and how they would lose weight.

“We were forging our performance fees. We would give each other a higher number but take whatever the customer comes up with and that’s what most artists do to this day, including Diamond. “

Adding, “He (Diamond) lives a lie and everyone believes him. This is how the industry is today. It is part of the path to the summit. I advise you to stop this and be real.


His manager Sallam SK struggled to prove the star was considering buying a private jet.

Speaking to Wasafi FM in the middle of this year, his business development manager, Sallam SK, explained, “When we get a plane, it should also be profitable at the moment, we are talking to rental companies. It will not be just for Diamond to travel. For now, these plans 80% complete. “

Add: “The plane will be available in August if aviation officials give us permission. It is a 13-seat aircraft. You do not need to buy a plane with cash, you can get a loan.”

It is now October and no mention of a private jet is mentioned. Only when you can tell if the star is cheating on her lifestyle or if it is a real deal, at the same time she continues to be jealous of many people who follow her lifestyle closely on social media.

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