Diana B awards heavily the lady who tattooed her face

Diana Marua could not believe that the fan had a tattoo of her face on her back.

While visiting Githurai to see Rose Waithira, Diana felt very emotional when she met her main fan.

“Rose got a tattoo on my back, it was all over. A lot of people called her for an interview. I commented on her page and told her to let me breathe first because I couldn’t believe it,” Diana said. .

“I was just waiting for people to settle down before I met you, and finally, here I am, I have nothing to say,” she added.

Rose started following Diana from the first day she launched her first YouTube channel, and according to her, Diana has been blessed with a heart of generosity and love, something she always wanted to have.

“I have the same heart of love and generosity, but I wish I could be like you,” Rose said.

The Diana fan said her decision to get Marua a tattoo on her back was based on love and not anything like seeking fame. She says she has no other tattoo on her body or piercing.

Her love for Diana B is the only reason she decided to get a tattoo.

“I’ve been following you ever since you opened your first YouTube channel, the content you post is incredible and I’ve always wanted to be like you. I always loved your personality and decided to get a tattoo. Come back to be around me all the time,” Rose said.

“I love you so much,” she added.

Diana later asked Rose to answer a few questions to find out how much she loved Diana Bahati, and to her surprise the lady was able to answer all the questions correctly.

The media lobby continued and asked Rose what she would like her to do to thank her.

In a surprising response, the female fan asked Diana to help her increase the number of viewers on her channel, providing her with a ring light and any other gear that would help her shoot her videos.

Diana Marua promised more than the female fan asked for, promised to help her with rent, college and find her a job, as well as what she asked for.

Finally Diana B said, “That’s what you get when you get a Diana B tattoo on your body.”

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