Diana B praises her hubby Bahati as he turns 29 today.

Content producer Diana Marua poured love on her husband Bahati as he celebrated his birthday.

The father of three will be 29 years old this year.

Speaking to her social network the hitmaker “Hatuachani” celebrated him by saying that he was the only one who understood her and was the one who loved her from the first day she met him.

The couple and their children are on vacation in Nanyuki.

Diana and Bahati image

“On this day God gave me a husband, the only Man who is completely in line with my madness, the only one who understands me, who loved me so much from the first day I met him. surely I am the first. He made sure that everything I touched turned to gold.

Diana commended her husband, saying that he was the only person she had ever met who was close to God.

Then she wished him a happy birthday.

“Babe No one have dated has come close to you, I thank God for you every day, I am humbled and honored to be your wife, to be associated with you and to be above the world, the world has held your hand.

I am happy to celebrate your best year still with you. 29th year … We are approaching our billionaire year . The best part is building an empire with you. That sleepless night, days I don’t want but you pushes me to be what I can be.

You are a shining star, a diamond, a treasure … you made everything around you shining and therefore, I pray that this new year will be the best you have ever lived, AGAIN !!!! GOD I’m THANKFUL FOR THIS PERSON

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