did your gonorrhea heal? Babu Owino and Peter Kaluma exchange bitter words

Babu Owino got down on the ODM party for what he named as “treachery” and “extortion”.

He said various young people in the party have been magnanimously supporting it however have not been properly compensated.

“ODM Party, so many youth and myself forfeited a great deal and involved our assets in the party throughout the long term, our compensation is double-crossing and shakedown. It is alright. Tomorrow is one more day,” he tweeted on Thursday.

This seemed not to sit so well with Honorable George Peter Kaluma ,who immediately questioned Owino tantrums claiming that its Odinga who made Babu win the Embakasi East MP seat all this while.

Babu Owino
A file image of Babu Owino

“Baba @RailaOdingahas enabled you to serve 2 terms as Member of Parliament just for shouting “tialala, tibim”! What more does Baba owe you kid bro!” Kaluma replied to Owino’s cries.

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He didn’t stop at that but he also went ahead to remind Babu Owino of the rule of ODM that baba id always right.

Hon. George Peter Kaluma
A file image of Hon. George Peter Kaluma

“Rule 1: Baba is always right Rule 2: Baba is never wrong Rule 3: if you forget rule 1, refer to rule 2!” Kaluma added.

Babu owino seemed not to take it so well and decided to embarrass Kaluma as the whole twitter world watched.

“by the way did your gonorrhea heal?” Babu Owino asked Kaluma

“It will heal the day DJ Evolve will get up.” Kaluma Replied.

All this pressure comes after ODM affirmed this morning that the party is united and they’re still strong together and secured.

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