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Didmus Barasa denied fleeing to Uganda

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Kimilili Member of Parliament-choose, Didmus Barasa, has denied reports that he had escaped to Uganda after a shooting occurrence in his supporters on the democratic day.

Tending to the press at Bungoma Police Station in the wake of giving himself over, Barasa guaranteed that he was in Nairobi even as police sent off a manhunt to find him.

Barasa further guaranteed that he endure a death endeavor on Sunday, August 7, the day he is blamed for lethally shooting his rival’s associate following a conflict.

A file image of Didmus Barasa
A file image of Didmus Barasa

He contends that on the day, his protectors were gone after and one of them is recovering at a wellbeing office he didn’t unveil.

“I went to Nairobi with the goal that the court can give expectant bail. I saw on TV or local police administrator requesting that I give up and I drove as far as possible from Nairobi prepared to help out the police.

“On Sunday night, my confidential protector was gone after seriously and he was in a state of unconsciousness for three days and he was on life care. that very night I endure a death endeavor,” Barasa asserted.

The MP-choose, who was proclaimed the victor of the surveys, expressed that he was prepared to help out the police as they go on with their examinations regarding this situation.

He expressed that he had not given any composed consent to anybody to gather his authentication after Kimilili Returning Officer George Omondi demanded that Barasa needed to introduce himself at the counting place truly.

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