Different phrases that means opposite from their hearts; Akothee nuggets of wisdom.

Well known musician and a woman doing well in the entrepreneurship business Akothee has today shared with her online fans some phrases that are commonly said but means the opposite of from the person’s saying it heart.

” When they can no longer control you they become frustrated. Their actions are opposite of what they say. When a bird has grown wings it must leave the nest ..

Welcome to the industry where, different phrases means opposite from their heart;

  • I love you- I envy you
  • You motivate me – I want to be you
  • You encourage me – how can I be better than you.
  • I am happy for you – when is your next setback.

I am cautious with this words. Their theory is opposite of their practical.

Take charge of your life and control your energy. You’re the one that matters, the rest is a stepping stone,. Step up

Have friends who will hold you accountable. ” Akothee posted.

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