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Disastrous Ruto interview of him quoting non-existent bible verses and ending prematurely.

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The controversy surrounding the interview between Vice President William Ruto and NTV’s Director of Broadcasting Editor, Joe Ageyo, sparked an online debate on various issues, including the interruption of the interview before the DP had finished making its remarks.

The interviews were aimed at discussing the DP’s agenda if he would succeed his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and also highlight his role in the ruling government based on his successes and failures.

Throughout the interviews, a series of episodes followed about the questions being asked, which prompted Ruto to come forward and answer questions that he felt Ageyo should have asked him.

This led some Kenyans to accuse the Vice President of taking the interview by asking and answering his own questions.

On the other hand, another section accused Joe Ageyo of leaning to one side and allegedly pushing Ruto on a certain story.

The DP was outraged when he was asked why he complained about cabinet secretaries campaigning for a certain presidential candidate when he defended them not to do the same in 2017.

“Joe, are we going to talk about elections or are we going to discuss NIS, Ministers? Let me be honest with you, and with great respect, I want to discuss the basics. I wish the Kenyan people. Listening to what we call the economic platform is that we have long been making policies on elite issues. “

“My dear brother, it is time for the average Kenyan to reach the middle of equality,” Ruto said.

Another hot topic was the Bible verse quoted by the vice president, who was not present.

“Let me tell you Joe, even Jesus Christ, I know you are a good Christian, in Matthew 17:29 his disciples following him asked him if we had left our family and our businesses since we were traders and come. To follow you. What does that bring us?” He asked.

A survey from Sambazanews media found that Matthew 17 has only 27 verses and the exact line that the DP wanted to quote is Matthew 19:27 – ‘Look’ Peter replied, ‘We have left everything to follow you. What will happen to us then? “

The interview, which lasted for one hour and twenty-six minutes, witnessed the DP dominating the program – even though Ageyo complained about the lack of time and loss he had in interviews with the DP about a certain number he claimed to be in his manifesto. .

“I feel oppressed because the numbers you give me I can’t confirm or ask as they are not written but because time is limited please answer my question if you will accept the results of the presidential election,” NTV said. the boss asked.

Ruto said he would be happy to retire if he failed but would not make any commitment to oppose the results – and as he explained in his response – NTV terminated the interview in the middle of his speech.

This prompted Kenyans First and some Ruto supporters to call NTV to cancel the interview ahead of time.

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