” Dismiss that slay king. Men are at work!,” Akothee advises her daughters.

Akothee is a renowned Kenyan celebrity who has gained lots of followers in Kenya and Africa at large. She is a successful musician and business lady and she has made several investments.

Akothee happens to be a single mum and on her social media accounts, Akothee posts advices both married and single ladies. Akothee is a mother of five kids 2 boys and 3 girls. Today she posted a picture of herself with her three daughters.

she posted.

” My daughters

There are many non-communicable sign


  1. Any time you are around a man who thwarts your ego and make you feel small, that’s a red sign.
  2. Anytime you date a man who compare you with other women [see so and so, I like her style] that one has issues, free him and let him go to so &\so.
  3. Anytime you are around a man that makes you chop onions for no good reason, making you feel miserable and unwanted. That’s time to run, this one is energy sucker.
  4. Anytime you call a man3/4 times, text him and he replies after 6days apologizing, nop mum, he is with someone else, that one is a sadist, a narcissist, egocentric cold man with no feelings [RUUUN]Everyone has their phones in their hands, what makes you think he didn’t see your calls? Block mode.
  5. Anytime you’re around a man who makes you uncomfortable, you find yourself doing too much effort to keep the relationship going[ bitch you’re alone in that relationship, continue draining your energy, it will end in popcorn tears].
  6. Anytime you have a man, who scrolls and stays on social media during sleeping time whom is he connecting with? outside world. He belongs there , release him.
  7. Any time you’re with a person who doesn’t say thank you to the little things you do to them in your own capacity, that’s ungrateful sucking tick, release him too.
  8. If you’re around a man, who lifts his head, to show you other beautiful women passing by, either dressed well or carrying big behinds, that’s on transit, give him his passport, let him go. No VISA.
  9. Anytime you have a man who gives his EX more attention than his current relationship, that’s a situation ship guy, free him for the EX.
  10. Anytime you have a man who s happy to accompany you to clubs and not to church tell me how your will grow without knowing God , leave that one is a boy.
  11. Anytime you are around a man who licks his lips o snapchat, burn his hair, goes to the GYM, but never wants to keep his job. Dismiss that slay king. He is on women’s DM[ hey babe you look cute] Men are at work.” She posted.

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