DJ Fatxo denies claims that Sabina Chege bought him his new ride

Blossoming Mugithi artist Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, assumed name DJ Fatxo, has emerged to garbage guarantees that assigned Individual from Public Gathering Sabina Chege Maitu purchased his new car.

In a video shared by a nearby humorist and content maker 2mbili television, the performer ignores the charges saying he wished the lawmaker could expand her charitable hand towards such a matter and further goes on to give more subtleties on how the lady delegate comes in with the general mish-mash of the unsubstantiated claims.

A file image of DJ Fatxo
A file image of DJ Fatxo

“I wish, not in ill will, but rather that matter has been tossed submerged and we can’t squabble about issues that don’t appear to be legit. I regard Sabina Chege even a lawmaker and really I don’t for a moment even have a photograph with her. We don’t have even a solitary photograph together as companions or in any event, during efforts, we don’t have any,” Fatxo says in the clasp.

In spite of the fact that he purifies the lawmaker from being associated with the matter the DJ – who likewise fiddles with music – concurred that the two have met previously.

He, in any case, demanded that it was exclusively in the line of obligation and that it is the main connection and relationship that the two have.

“Indeed, we have met and know one another in light of the fact that my administrator Mutema calls her auntie. In this way, I will be extremely legitimate with you, we regard each other especially to such an extent that the main collaboration exercises we have are in the line of obligation, and we just trade good tidings,” Fatxo added

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