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Dj MO fires back at one of his followers over his Facebook post.

@DJ MO[topa de top dj]

Dj Mo posted a video of him and his family taking Wambu back to school. “Earlier on……. blessings. @ladashabelle.wambo going back to school. “DJ MO posted.

Christine Chabogo.

Christine one of DJ MO followers replied to the post, “You seem to be a nice couple the only thing is that u really show off about your family put your kids out of media.” She was just trying to air her opinion on exposing of kids.

DJ MO went ahead and replied to her comment requesting her to leave his page .”leave this page woiyee …. I beg you…. coz you will see a lot,” DJ MO replied.

Not only did DJ MO reply to Christine , also his fans did telling her that her kids are all over her page too. “Your family/kids are all over your page too, “one follower replied.

Christine has explained herself that that was not the intended message but what she meant was that every move the couple makes they are on media.

“I meant every move they make they are on media, “Christine Chabogo clarified.

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