Dj Shiti respond to deadbeat claims from his babymama

Popular comedian DJ Shiti has responded to allegations of being a dead father and beating his girlfriend – who is now a mother’s child – before splitting up.

The mother of a child known only as Fash Hussein responded to curious fans who asked her about her relationship with DJ Shiti.

The mother of two said, “Muslims also make mistakes. I said I was not married. We made an introduction. No Nikah.”

She added: “It’s my fault! I wish I could go back, but ni ivo ishakuwa.”

Hussein explained why they split up saying some of the issues she restrained, but said, “Too much cheating … [brought] other people into our home.”

At present, the two are not together.

“We don’t live together. The dude doesn’t care about the daughter. Where he comes from, sons are a source of pride.”

DJ Shiti defended himself.

“Only God can bring me down. She picked me up from my sleep on the cold streets of Nairobi … Homeless, I was just hoping … My sister from the night Akishe, Mumbii, Nasibo, Fatma I know you will see. this … Rip #kendi, you gave me a chance on Tasia, ”she wrote in a statement on her social media site.

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