Do I need permission in everything I do ? – RUTO.

Just one day after Vice President William Ruto was barred from traveling to Uganda by his allies, he came forward to comment.

Speaking in an interview on Citizen TV, DP suspected witch hunts claiming that for four years his political critics had decided to tarnish his name.

He added that during his tenure as Vice President he has traveled to many countries without having to seek permission from anyone so he does not understand where the new orders came from.

“I have been a Friend for nine years and have traveled to many countries for personal and official visits.

“I was not even told immediately that I needed anyone’s permission. I wonder where these new instructions come from, ”he said.

“There have been people who have been spreading the lie over the past four years that I am undermining the president. I have never done that.

“Stopping traveling to Uganda means putting me on a collision course with other people, but I leave it to God.”

When asked about Harun Aydin, a Turkish citizen who was part of his mission, Ruto said he did not need to announce every personal action he took, as some were commercial and private.

“Some things are personal… Should I tell Kenyans this even when I go to count egg trays or when I’m looking for a place to sell eggs?

” Three respectable businessmen were also part of the delegation. The Turkish citizen you are talking about was approved by the Turkish embassy, ​​not me, ”he said.

” He is a licensed businessman and an investor in Kenya as the embassy said ” He added. Those who link it to terrorism are tarnishing Kenya’s image. You cannot accuse someone who invested in Kenya with terrorism. In a way of how we destroy our country.

Ruto said that being forced to apply for permission to travel to Uganda was against the spirit of the East African Community.

The DP also clarified that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is his friend and that he (Ruto) has already campaigned for him in Uganda.

“Museveni is a friend of Uhuru and he is also a friend of mine. Why can Museveni be friends with other leaders in Kenya, but when Ruto wants it it becomes a problem?

“Don’t I have the right to friends?” I was in Uganda about a month ago for an official visit and was received by Museveni, ”he said.

Ruto further revealed that his trip was due to the fact that he helped an investor start a business in Uganda by getting him to contact a local bank and that the businessman said he wanted Kenya to benefit from it as well. succeed.


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