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Do Jeremiah Kioni election numbers add up really?

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Former Ndarangua member of parliament Jeremiah Kioni claimed on Wednesday that Azimio’s presidential candidate won the presidential race last year despite the lack of evidence to support his claim.

Kioni, who is the secretary general of the former ruling party Jubilee, a member of Azimio, said Raila Odinga won with 8,170,355 votes.

He cited an unverified whistleblower report that purportedly explained how hacking and manipulation was done to distort the will of the people.

Kioni said there was a difference between the confirmed presidential results from 144 constituencies and those announced in Bomas of Kenya by the electoral commission.

He claimed that President William Ruto was far behind with 5,915,973 votes representing 41.66% of the votes cast.

Jeremiah Kioni
A photo file of Jeremiah Kioni

“Most of the fraud that has been done has been done in the Mt Kenya region,” he said.

Despite his claims, Kioni said the results of 59 percent of the country’s 290 states could not be confirmed “with absolute certainty”.

“We argued that the results announced by Chebukati did not reflect the wishes of Kenyans. The results were manipulated and what was presented to Kenyans was far from the truth,” he said.

Azimio Union has not announced its next move following the revelations because Odinga, its main leader, is out of the country.

Retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, who brought together dozens of parties to form the coalition, has shown little interest in leading the party since Ruto’s inauguration.

Kioni however promised more steps in the future.

“The full information will be given by our party leader and I ask you to find time to review the report. This is a sad time for us as a country. The way forward will be presented,” the former Ndaragwa MP said.

Kioni’s statement marks Azimio’s first attempt to cling to his expected victory after the Supreme Court rejected Odinga’s motion to annul Ruto’s victory by calling it “hot air”.

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