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Family to Nakuru Doctor who killed his children claim malpractice in the investigation and Doctor is innocent.

The family of the doctor whose children were found dead at their home in Nakuru have denied police allegations that he killed young children and then attempted suicide.
Dr James Gakara’s son Dylan Gakara, five, and his daughter, Karuana Gakara, three, were found dead Saturday evening at their home in Milimani while their father was unconscious.

Dr Mary Gakara’s sister said on Monday the family suspected malpractice in the investigation, adding that reports provided to the family and primary responsibility were inconsistent.


“I know my brother very well. She would do anything to protect her children. He is also not a person to commit such an act, “he told the Nation.

“He loves his family and we have never heard of any differences between my brother and his wife. They have always been happy.

The distraught sister said she heard the news of her nephew and her nephew’s death from the media, adding that she was shocked.

Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri said on Sunday that initial inquiries showed the celebrity doctor had ingested medication for her children before attempting suicide.

Police believe he could find out what happened behind the closed door after drug injections were found in the room where the child’s body was found.

“The girl’s bedroom had a sharp knife indicating that if they had not died from the drugs their killer would have killed them with the knife,” Kiraguri said.

Police said the bodies of two children who were studying at Greensteads International Schools did not have any physical injuries.

Yesterday, Dr Gakara’s sister called on the police to investigate the death with open arms, saying she suspected someone was involved in the killings.

“Someone wants to charge him with the murder. We want the investigation to be expedited and everything done properly,” he said.

He also asked why the police rushed to remove the bodies of the two children after the first officer rang the alarm, saying no family member had contacted before the bodies were transferred.

“Police told us that my brother confessed to killing his children, but some of those at the scene said he was unconscious when he was taken to hospital,” Ms Gakara said. At Nakuru level hospital.

Ms Gakara said she was in constant contact with her brother and had never complained about any problems.

Neighbors, friends and customers were still shocked yesterday, with many expressing concern over the circumstances surrounding the deaths.

A close friend of the doctor said he was still playing with his wife and the two families were together on Friday.

“We had dinner together last night and there was no sign that he was being harassed. We were actually talking about promoting our business and so this story about his suicide attempt was not appropriate,” the doctor said.

The bodies of Dr Gakara’s children were transferred from a mortuary in Nakuru town to the PNN funeral home on Monday, when a doctor, during a press conference, was unconscious in the intensive care unit of Nakuru hospital. Nakuru level 5.

His wife, a nurse, who was in Nairobi at the time of the incident, had been hospitalized in shock, but was released on Monday.

Nakuru West Criminal Investigation Branch Chief Stephen Ambani said police would launch an investigation but would hand over the family during the mourning period.

He said samples taken from the bodies of the children were sent to a state chemist for poisoning and police were awaiting the results.

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